Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Evening with Iceholes

Last night, I went to my very first hockey game, the Chicago Blackhawks vs the Phoenix Coyotes.  My mom got the tickets for Christmas and was nice enough to ask me to be her date.  She behaved herself and didn't try to get fresh at all, although I did have to buy her dinner.  All in all, one of the better dates I've been on.

My mom is a big hockey fan.  I have only seen three or four games on TV and felt a little like the people who I hate to sit behind at Bears games who ask too many questions and don't realize how incredibly stupid they sound.  At one point, the puck sailed across the ice and I thought it was a bird.  Yeah, I don't think hockey commentary is going to be one of my career opportunities any time soon.

We sat next to a woman with the most annoying voice I have ever heard.  She was apparently a teacher and I felt so sorry for her students.  Every time someone stood up, she'd cackle-screech at them to sit, even during intermissions. By the time we left, I was so paranoid about standing up that I accidentally elbowed my mother in the face trying to rush out of the game.  I think she might have a black eye, so between that and my missing tooth we really did look like hockey players!  A for Authenticity!

I think I'll stick with football as my favorite sport, but the game wasn't bad, and the Blackhawks won.  I also have a new plan of encouraging my beautiful goddaughter to reach for the stars and become one of the scantily-clad ladies on the Bud Light Ice Crew.  Oh, and my mom wants a Zamboni for Christmas so it's good to know I have to start saving for that now.


  1. Well, it COULD have been a bird...

  2. I think you've attended your first and last hockey game!
    WOW! Thanks supertorio, I finally have a reputation. Now to live up to it!

  3. EXACTLY, Kate.

    Mom, next time I am not leaving until you get in at least one fistfight. That would be something to see.