Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here's a Story...

Last night, I hosted a dinner party that may or may not have been centered on watching "American Idol."

First and most importantly, my friend Peter returned this book to me after borrowing it in 1995, fifteen years ago.

I think it's safe to guess what I'm going to be doing this weekend.  Both Peter and I marked which episodes we had seen in here too.  I wonder if kids in 2020 will do this with "Full House" and "Saved by the Bell?"  What a question.  I am sure there will be college courses and PhD programs devoted to those masterpieces.  I'm sure the original 90210 will have libraries of books analyzing its impact on society and culture.

I made Cooking Light Turkey Jambalaya and it was a big hit.  It wasn't hard to make and it tasted like I slaved away at it all day, always a good thing.

The corn and bread casually tossed on the plate really classes up this picture, wouldn't you say?  Truly, food photography is my calling.

Anyway, we enjoyed "American Idol," although I find it a little disturbing that three contestants sound exactly like Jewel.  I think my favorite girl might be Siobhan, although her quirkiness might grate on my nerves in like 14 seconds, so we shall see.

For dessert, Peter and John brought cream puffs from Beard Papa's, which apparently is a franchise from Japan.  They were delicious.

Poor John had hurt his back and spent most of the evening walking around like Frankenstein and sitting stiffly and in pain in a chair, but Coop was extremely happy to see Uncle Peter, who is his favorite male in the world, by far.

All in all, it was a great evening.  Now excuse me as I'm off to do some important doctoral research on the Brady Bunch episode where Greg accidentally dyes his hair green.  


  1. Oooh, Beard Papa's. We had one in Quincy Market for a while. YUM.

    I needs an American Idol viewing party. One I can attend. Not so big on hosting lately. I always feel like I have to have cloth napkins, then I feel like I have to press them. It's a sickness.

  2. My back is SO much better today. Thanks for all the "get well" wishes everyone.

  3. Two things: 1) The recipe looked great, I think I am going to try it this weekend, 2) I got to name my sister, and her name is Michelle after Michelle on Full House. What can I say it was the BEST TV show other than Saved by the Bell!

  4. You know the father was gay, right?

  5. Kate, I am the same way but these two know me way too well to fall for a suspiciously sparkling-clean house. I did set the table with knives and everything, and I lit a candle. Take that, Martha Stewart!

    John, I am so glad you're better because that means you can do the dishes next time!

    Jess, that is awesome! What does she think of the fact that you named her and named her after TV sitcom twins? Apparently my mom asked me what we should name my sister Annie and I told her Dr. Smith from Lost in Space.

    Irving, I refuse to believe that's anything but a rumor. In my mind, the Bradys are real and retired to Florida and the grandchildren visit twice a year.

  6. My sister doesn't really care, she just wishes she had as much money as they do;)

  7. Yeah, that would be great to be part of that Olsen empire. They never look really happy though, or maybe that's what I tell myself when I get jealous of their billions.

  8. They don't look happy because they want food:)