Monday, March 1, 2010

What's For Dinner?: Cooking Light Turkey Tetrazzini

Look, you guys!  I time-traveled back to 1982 and had Turkey Tetrazinni for dinner!  

*Disclaimer: Although I love food, I am not one of those people who studies food trends and stuff like that.  Two of my best friends are very into it and they take me to nice restaurants and I look for the cookie skillet sundae for dessert.  I know that Turkey Tetrazzini is a little dated because I watch Top Chef.*

Usually I make the Dinner Tonight recipes from, the ones that take 20 minutes or less.  I thought this was one of them.  Imagine my surprise when it required four pans and two bowls!  Apparently it was meant for a special occasion, not for me to eat alone in front of "Wheel of Fortune."  

This got 56 favorable reviews on their website but I thought it was just okay.  There is a TON of it leftover.  I froze three separate casserole dishes of this stuff, so I'll probably be eating it for the next three months, hopefully in front of "Miami Vice" or "Falcon Crest."

Has anyone nominated me for a Pulitzer Prize for Food Photography yet?  I think it would be a little conceited to nominate myself, but man does the above picture look appetizing.  Dig in!


  1. Cookie Skillet Sundaes are my kryptonite! LOL! Will take those over a tiramisu plate anyday.

  2. If you ever come to Chicago, I can direct you towards the 25 best in the city!

  3. I love turkey tetrazzini, but it's labor intensive so I never make it. My rule for casseroles is never spend more time prepping than it takes for it to cook.
    Had some great TT from Whole Foods for Thanksgiving a couple of years back. Washed it down with a TCM Doris Day marathon. Good times.

    Speaking of WF - down here in the South, they have potato salad made with CREAM CHEESE (Hilda's Old Fashioned). When they cook the potatoes properly (as in not crunchy), it is sinfully good.
    They are in cahoots with the devil, just like those Girl Scouts and their evil cookies.

  4. Kim, good rule! I should have read the recipe first, but by the time I realized I'd be working on the thing for an hour, I had already bought turkey cutlets and sour cream, so I was invested.

    That potato salad sounds delicious! I'm thankful those Girl Scouts don't make potato salad. That might make the earth spin right off its orbit.

  5. If you ever come to Chicago, I can direct you towards the 25 best in the city!