Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's for Dinner?

My sister Annie doesn't cook.  She also doesn't eat leftovers and she washes her hands way too much, but that's not the point.  She's been bugging me for weeks to make Cooking Light La Bamba Casserole
and has even gone as far as telling me that she'd pay me to make it for her.  Well, I was nice enough to only charge her a single cupcake but I did make it for her.  It's the most Duggarific thing that I cook as it's entirely made out of canned stuff like refried beans and corn, but it really is good.  If she knew how easy it was to make, she would have saved herself a cupcake.  I won't even mention here that the picture above looks a lot like vomit.

This recipe was really easy and a lot better than I expected.  I've never understood how people eat hamburgers without cheese on them.  Somehow, the Cooking Light Barbeque Turkey Burgers
didn't need it at all!  I made six of them and froze the leftovers and they reheated in the microwave and were still delicious. 

Since it finally hit fifty degrees in Chicago, I had to grill outdoors on my five foot by five foot balcony.  I have never really grilled anything barbecue before but the Cooking Light Barbecued Pork Chops were easy peasy and pretty good too!  Next time I think I'd use less brown sugar in the sauce, but this recipe was definitely a keeper.


  1. I don't used exclamation points when describing the last two recipes, and that honestly makes me a little suspicious.

  2. IDOL PUMPS ME UP, KATE. Not to mention that performance by the woman with the silver thing on her face.

  3. They have a secret ingredient that she doesn't list: cocaine.

  4. Oh, God--Ke$ha. Today, hours after watching her, I snort every time I think of the headdress she popped on at the end.

  5. It kinda cracks me up that the casserole is rated as "worthy of a special occasion".

  6. Kate, I know!!!! I have never felt older and less hip because I seriously had two hours of "What the eff was that?" when that thing ended. Do you think I could pull off that headdress look though?

    Kim, isn't that weird? Cooking Light's rating system is really messed up. If you served that mass of white trashiness for company, I'm sure they'd enjoy it but wonder about your domestic skills. It is delicious, though. I'll give it that much.