Monday, June 7, 2010

Loser Patrol

Look who I saw last weekend!  That's right, Bob Harper from "The Biggest Loser."  I do not hide my great love for Bob.  I even asked my mom if we have long-lost Harper relatives in the Tennessee area because my dream come true would be finding out Bob Harper is a secret cousin of mine.  (For the record, he's not.  Sorry to disappoint you, Bob).  

Bob was speaking at the Chicago Healthy Living Challenge at Navy Pier on Sunday.  He also brought along a friend, recent "Biggest Loser" winner Michael Ventrella.

This is Michael before he went on the show and lost 264 lbs:

So that was pretty inspiring to see, as was Michael's beautiful mother Maria, who also looked incredible.

So it was neat to see all three, but the Healthy Living Challenge itself was a bit of a bust.  There were a whole lot of companies advertising a whole lot of garbage, most of which didn't really mesh with my personal vision of healthy living.  Sea weed wraps, quick-fix surgical procedures, and magic vitamin weight-loss supplements do not, in my mind, a healthy life make.  The whole thing felt like one big infomercial, and that was disappointing.

My vision could have been clouded by the fact that I was still not feeling well.  My friend went up to a booth to talk to a woman about races in Chicago.  The woman seriously looked me up and down and said, "Now when are YOU going to get active?"  Normally I would have laughed this off or made some funny remark, but I was in pain and hungry and not having it that morning.  "I'm active. Not everyone is a runner."  The woman felt bad and started stammering and all in all it was uncomfortable.  I didn't handle it in the most graceful way, but then again neither did she, so I don't feel 100% awful about it. 

By the way, this entry could have been SO MUCH MORE EXCITING if I didn't skip out on a lunch date last Friday.  My cousin invited me to come meet Alex from "Real Housewives of New York" but I had to cancel because I felt like crap.  For the record, my cousin says she was ridiculously nice and Kelly Bensimon did not lurk in the bushes with a sniper rifle, so I am sorry I missed that.


  1. You should feel exactly 0% awful about your remark. It is almost unfathomable that someone would say something as stupid and uninformed as what that woman said. Trip her on her next jog, should you see her.

  2. Sorry the convention was such a bust. That's the problem with the biggest loser (from a dietitian's perspective) its all about a quick fix. I can't stand that!

  3. I am sorry you missed it too, especially since Alex was wearing pink hotpants, is that one word? Understated.

  4. I can't believe he has worn that belt ... in public ... more than once! haha!