Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Barely Coherent Bits

  • My bathroom is 95% finished, although I still have very little water pressure and a leaking sink.  I have already taken three baths in the new tub, which, while tiny, is four inches deeper than my old one.  I may just install a TV and a microwave in there and start researching growing gills.  It's inevitable that a big part of my winter will be spent in that bathtub.
  • Isn't it weird when you type a word you have used hundreds of times and it looks like it's spelled wrong?  That happens with "which" all the time for me.  Today "spent" looks absolutely ridiculous.  
  • Were you wondering how much it costs to go to the ER for 90 minutes and have an X-ray done on your fingers after you smash them in a garbage chute?  The answer is $800.  That self-employed insurance with the $2500 deductible that I pay $220 a month for is really looking better and better with every injury.
  • Four weeks later, my smashed fingers are still looking incredibly attractive:
  • I got a Kindle at the recommendation of my cousin Peggy, who is a genius.  I was on the fence about it but boy howdy, I love it.  If you have any books that I absolutely must read, please suggest away.  I have nothing but time on my hands and a nerdy electronic device to fill up.
  • My iTunes was hacked this week.  The culprit bought a GPS device for $15 to navigate the streets of China and a couple of Enrique Iglesias songs.  It is comforting to know there are people out there with worst taste than me.
I promise a real actual thought-out entry is coming soon.  I'm still living in a construction zone and eating Sour Patch Kids for dinner almost every night, so be merciful with me.  On that note, a diet update is coming soon also.  I didn't know I wrote horror.  Heavy sigh.


  1. Try anything written by Anna Quindlen.

  2. Anon, I love Anna Quindlen! Did you read her latest? I think I need therapy after reading it.

  3. Is bruised nail bed purple a nail polish color? Sorry to hear about your fingers.

  4. RCG, it certainly should be. I think it makes me look artistic, like I was just pulled away from doing a painting or something and didn't have time to clean my hands. Whatever works, right?

    I am just days away from not being embarrassed to have people over due to my bathroom anymore! Dinner party next week?

  5. Anon, I love Anna Quindlen! Did you read her latest? I think I need therapy after reading it.