Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Desert Dessert

I just got yelled at on the phone by my mom for not writing here in the last few days.  It's embarrassing to get chastened by someone who shaves her eyebrows instead of plucking them and has eaten over two tons of peanut M&M's in her lifetime, so I figured I'd better get my butt in gear and post something before she shows up at my door with her best friend, White Merlot $5 wine.

Sorry for the radio silence on this end.  Palm Springs was beautiful and relaxing, just what the doctor ordered. 

We basically sat around the pool and read books and laughed, three of my favorite activities. 

Palm Springs was having a heat wave while we were there and temperatures reached 115 degrees.  My cousin Missy determined that this might be a sign that an earthquake was imminent.  She scoured the internet for earthquake warnings and told us all about fault lines nearby.  Finally, I asked her to knock it off.  She sighed, said, "Okay," and promptly googled "serial killers coachella valley."  See, insanity is genetic!

One night, we went out and watched the Bears game at a sports bar nearby.  It was in the glory days when we thought the Bears might actually make something of this season, and they miraculously squeezed out a win.  We went back to the hotel and went swimming.  Missy challenged me to a handstand contest, and I admit that she won but only because she purposely made splashing noises under the water, making me think she had surfaced.  It seems borderline cheaty to me, but I don't make the Official Rules of Handstand Contests.  I did beat her in walking on my hands across the bottom of the pool, and the five inches I have on her helped me beat her in a swimming race, but it's safe to say the competition was fierce.

She proposed we have a Dead Man's Float contest and that our friend Brie would judge who did the best job.  It seemed a little boring to me but I am not one to back off from a challenge.  I immediately began floating on my back, drifting into the deep end and marveling at the stars above me.  A minute later I heard splashing sounds and saw Missy trying to catch her breath.

"What?  Why are you on your back?  That's not the Dead Man's Float!"

Apparently, I was supposed to be floating face down, and the contest was more about holding your breath than floating with style.  You learn something new every day, truly.


  1. Huh. Now that I think about it, the floaters on "Law & Order" were always face-down in the opening sequence. You know, when someone walking their dog at an ungodly hour (perhaps on a coyote hunt) glanced over at The River, only to spot a floating corpse. I know they were face-down b/c it was always up to Jerry Orbach to roll 'em. And I don't forget a THING Jerry Orbach ever did. Ever.

  2. Welcome back, missed you! XO


    I bet this will cost $7