Tuesday, December 21, 2010

With Honors

When my sister Kerry was in first grade, she was very upset that, even though her grades were good, she couldn't officially be on the honor roll.  She had seen our sister Annie make the A honor roll at Christ the King time after time, and she wanted in on the action.  (Note I don't mention myself making the honor roll.  This is called focusing on the positive, or denial, depending who you ask).  Unfortunately, students in the primary grades couldn't be make the big list and be named in the church bulletin, but Kerry waited and counted the days until she too could take her place at the top of the heap of academic glory.

When she was in fifth grade, she finally made it.  The award went right up on the fridge, and she beamed with pride.  I decided that such an achievement deserved a reward of some sort, so off to the store I went, returning with a small wrapped package.

Kerry was thrilled.  She loved when someone recognized her hard work.  She sat on the couch in the family room and opened the package in front of our family.  Inside was a chicken foot I had purchased at the deli counter at the grocery store for seven cents.

She cried.  My mom was furious.  I think I got grounded from the phone, horror of horrors.  Those were the days of our lives.

This weekend, little overachiever Kerry received her Master's Degree in Secondary Education.  She finished with a 4.0 GPA having worked full time throughout and also having struggled with the effects of Lyme Disease.  I watched her graduate and I was very, very proud.

This time I didn't buy her any chicken pieces.  Maybe for her doctorate.

PS:  That's our cousin Kate who also graduated with honors with a nursing degree.  We have some pretty smart cookies in my family, and now Kate can take my calls when I have a cough and think I have tuberculosis.  

PPS:  This picture speaks for itself.


  1. Congrats to Kerry and your cousin, too!

    The last picture? LOVE.

  2. Did you buy ANOTHER chicken foot for this picture?

  3. I agree with Anonymous - How did you get the picture for the chicken foot?

    Congratulations to your sister and cousin.

  4. Congrats to Kerry! And Merry Christmas.

  5. I found the chicken foot in a google image search. I should have said that. I would like to go on record as never having bought another chicken foot after the original incident.

  6. congrats kerry!!!! what an amazing accomplishment!

  7. congrats kerry!!!! what an amazing accomplishment!