Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow My God!

Remember that movie "The Day After Tomorrow?"  We're living it right now.  18 inches of snow since yesterday and counting.

My elderly father is shoveling and snow-blowing outside.  I ran out and told him to be careful and said I'd keep an eye out for him lying on the ground having cardiac arrest.  He said, "If you see me on the ground, make sure I'm not just making a snow angel before you do CPR."

I've been in the 'burbs for thirteen days.  Now I'm snowed in with my mom, dad and Kerry.  We are sizing up Cooper and figuring out what size roasting pan we'd need for him if we had to butcher him for food.

This is (so far) the fifth biggest snowstorm the Chicago area has ever had, and I just happen to be on bed-rest unable to help out with the shoveling.  Maybe my luck is finally turning around!

Stay warm!


  1. Snow angels! Dad is so cute. Glad Kerry stayed home. Coopie is almost invisible in the snow! Love you guys!

  2. Your dad is awesome. Snow angels! Love it!

  3. Your dad is awesome. Snow angels! Love it!