Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Groggy Doggie

Super Cooper woke up yesterday with a gigantic golf ball size lump under his eye.  We thought something had bit him in the night, most likely my sister Kerry, so my dad and I took him to the vet.  The poor thing ended up having surgery to have three teeth removed because he had gotten an infection in his sinus cavities.

The crazy thing is that since Coop was a puppy, my family and friends have mocked me for brushing his teeth often.  Apparently it didn't do a bit of good.  So much for dental hygiene.

One of my friends was texting me as this was going down, and after hearing about Cooper's ailment he said he didn't know that my Munchausen's Syndrome was contagious.  Beware, you might catch it just by reading this and find yourself faking bruised ribs and amnesia before you know it!

Anyway, he is home (at my parents' place, don't even get me started on that one) and drugged out of his mind.  The swelling is way down too, so it doesn't look like he's giving me the "you're wearing THOSE shoes?" side-eye.

Now for the 437th exciting update about my back/hip monstrosity, I saw a new specialist yesterday who thinks I have a deformed spine with too much of a curve at the bottom of it.  That might be what is causing this crap or it could be rheumatoid arthritis.  More steroids, more physical therapy and he wants me to walk with a cane.  I am going to be a gigantic hit at my fifteen year high school reunion next week!

Stay tuned for the next update of Human and Canine House MD.


  1. Pumpkin,
    A friend of mine's RA got better when he avoided gluten. May be worth a shot.

  2. Poor Cooper! Does he run in his sleep when he is drugged out of his mind, or do weird howling? Ours did and it was hilarious to watch.

    How can we make walking with a cane less noticeable in your everyday life????

    - Dress as a pimp, because every pimp needs a cane, to go with their hat and fur coat. It wouldn't look odd at all.


    - You can wear tap shoes and a top hat to go along with your cane. If people ask, you can tell them it is for impromptu dance numbers. One can never be too prepared.

    :) Patty

  3. Taryn, boy oh boy the fun never stops! And now the luck of the Irish hit your dog too! Wow, who knew?? Let's hope for a speedy recovery for Cooper. Anyway, I have a cane for you my friend - it's pretty stylish, belonged to my father, and it's also a hidden sword. It's useful and good for protection too! Or, you could stab street garbage with it and help out the enviorment. Great convo. starter. FB BFF

  4. Have you pitched your life to reality show producers yet?

  5. Riley, I will give that a whirl if the results come back with RA. I may also try vacationing more and regular ice cream.

    Patty, I laughed out loud. I told the doctor I wasn't using a cane without a top hat. He looked at me like I was strange and said, "Well, you could use a walker then." SOME PEOPLE have no MUSICAL FLAIR.

    Melisa, it would be the most boring show in the world, but my family would make some good side characters. Better than The Bachelor, for sure.

  6. Oh and FB BFF, I may take you up on that! Somehow I think the idea of me with a sword might scare some of our family members, but I sure would look dapper.