Thursday, November 3, 2011

Exciting Anniversary!!

One year ago today, I bent down to pick up a pen while working and my wonderful hip and back injury adventure began.  Glorious.

This picture is 100% meant to distract from the bum-outness of that fact.  

It certainly has been an interesting year.  Two ER visits, many doctor visits, two physical therapists, two MRI's, diagnoses ranging from simple bursitis to possible bone tumors to the one we've settled on, tendons and muscles torn from my hip bone.

Total medical bills:  $33,308, plus about $8000 in physical therapy.   My self-paid insurance has shelled out $19,000.  I am grateful for that and I'm now happy I signed up for it even though the five years I went without so much as a cold made it seem like a waste of money.

Books read: 78.  

Paintings Completed:  7

Scarves Knitted: 3

Hours of Netflix Watched: countless

Obviously, this injury has changed my life quite a bit.  I sold my condo and am waiting to move to the burbs.  My empathy for people with injuries or illnesses has skyrocketed.  I've learned a lot about looking on the bright side of things and taking stuff one day at a time.  It's been an accomplishment not to have become depressed or to get overwhelmed by this whole thing.

Two weeks till my big surgery and then I will finally be in recovery instead of waiting around to heal eventually!  I'm looking forward to it like it's Christmas.

How awesome will it be when I can post about something other than laying around and doing nothing???  I know I can't wait!  

Thanks for bearing with this whole thing, guys.  I appreciate it.


  1. Good Luck!! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!!!

  2. Riley from the CityNovember 3, 2011 at 2:42 PM

    Love you! Riley from the city

  3. You're amazing. And you know that I don't hand out compliments lightly. To be honest, I'm usually bribed or paid. So.

  4. Would you accept payment in beautiful Paint By Numbered masterpieces? I can just see a couple of these over your mantle.

  5. I can't wait for your surgery! 13 days! Your god daughter loves you and thinks you are the most amazing person she knows :)

  6. How did I miss this post??!! Happy future surgery! I don't think I ever met anyone excited to go into Surgery. Well, I guess Chaz Bono was excited for his surgery... but I didn't meet him. Then again, I never technically met you either... PS - You are still pretty interesting and entertaining even when busted up and laying around for a year. When I need paint by numbers lessons, I know who to call.

  7. I am hoping I do not wake up from this surgery with a penis, but as long as they fix my hip, I wouldn't mind too terribly.

    Maybe I should start writing PBN tutorials!!! Thanks for the idea. I am sure I will make a million bucks.

  8. Your godmother loves you and thinks you are 2 good 2 b 4gotten.