Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh Hello, I'm Alive.

So, of course, all of the hip doctors, med students and anesthesiologists were handsome, funny and dashing as they introduced themselves to me before my surgery yesterday.  All I kept thinking was that I was about to be naked and in traction in front of all of them while my hip was repaired.  Something tells me that killed the potential for romance.  C'est la vie.

The good news is that the surgery was a complete success.  They ended up only having to repair one of my three muscle/tendon tears.  They anchored it to my hip bone and that restored the blood flow to the other two problem areas, so they should repair themselves.  About time those things started earning their keep.  

The BEST news is that the tear was in a great place to be anchored, so I will not have to wear a hip abduction brace for six weeks.  That's the thing I was most nervous about, as it really didn't look like a fun time.  In general, I try to avoid orthopedic devices that recommend cutting a slit in your pants for "toileting" and covering it with a sanitary pad.  The fact that I don't have to use this stupid brace makes me giddy with happiness.

I do have a pretty cool little device on that circulates ice water onto the surgical site.  I am hoping it helps with chilling my mother's wine too.  I know that would put her in a much better mood.

I woke up this morning with a gigantic puddle of blood underneath my hip.  We're waiting for a call from the surgeon but I think a couple of stitches got loose.  Hopefully no big deal.

Because I am a very special snowflake who is allergic to many many antibiotics, I also threw up a couple of times this morning, but that seems to have gone away.  I just enjoyed a lovely breakfast of mac and cheese and painkillers.  I feel connected to Hollywood celebrities everywhere.

Today, I have physical therapy at 11.  Can you even imagine?!?!?  Sure they want me to avoid getting blood clots but I was hoping I'd get 24 hours of milking this thing before getting back to work.  

Thank you so much for the support you guys have given me, particularly on Facebook.  It has really helped to know so many people are rooting for me.  I will challenge each and every one of you to a race when I get through this, and on the bright side, you will probably win!


  1. I am happy to hear you survived!! I am sending positive - blood flowing - thoughts your way! xoxo

  2. Yeah! It's over and sounds like it was the best possible scenario - except for the gigantic puddle of blood thing. Best wishes!