Thursday, December 8, 2011

One Week Down, Five to Go

Hello Internet People!

I am writing you from my bed, being very careful to not flex my hip more than 30 degrees.  Sitting upright is 90 degrees, if that helps you picture it.  This marks the first time in my life that I have EVER used what I learned in high school geometry.

Yesterday my stitches were removed, and everything is looking good.  Want to see some pictures from my surgery?  They are pretty neat and not bloody or graphic.

Torn muscle...

Fixed muscle!  I would share some pictures of my ass and hip, but I discovered that they are not very photogenic.  Who knew?  (You're welcome, Mom.)

PT is going great, although right now it is mostly to ward off blood clots.  The therapist does most of the work, moving my right leg for me.  After six weeks of healing, we start building up that leg again and gaining function in it.  I'm excited for that to happen.  Right now, I have an exercise routine I do in bed three times a day.  It involves a foam roller and an elastic band and I am not sweaty afterwards.  Baby steps, baby steps.

Here's a picture from my exercise program.  Doesn't it look kind of, um, questionable?  If I didn't know my physical therapist pretty well, I'd worry he was advocating a little back door action.  (Sorry, Mom.)

All of my meals are served to me in bed on a silver tray.  The fantasy of this turns out to be a lot more fun than reality.

Once again, my mom is just going above and beyond the call of duty to take care of me.  I really am so lucky for so many reasons and she's a big part of that.  Cameron my dear neighbor has come over and danced for my entertainment in the 6 x 6 area of my bedroom that doesn't have furniture in it.  All worked out fine until he tried to do the worm. You need some room to really work out the kinks with that one.  Live and learn.

The only bad part of being bed bound so far, aside from being a little bored, is being LITERALLY a captive audience for my dad to come in and tell stories about his many years with the Chicago police department.  SEND EARPLUGS, STAT!!

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  1. Those pictures kinda look like outer space. It helps to think of them that way so please don't take that away from me, okay?
    Pleased as punch everything went so well. Speedy recovery!

    And thanks for your kind comment re: my Mom.