Friday, May 6, 2011

Birthday Boy

If anybody had any doubt that I am a teensy bit nuts, these pictures should rid you of it.

Yesterday was my dog's birthday and, after being housebound for 16 weeks, I decided to show my lame family what a real dog party was all about.

When I sat Cooper at the kitchen table and put the birthday cake in front of him, blazing with candles, my dad said urgently, "Don't let him have that! He'll burn himself!" Yes, I am so reliable that my own father thought I'd let my dog have a cake while it was on fire. Definitely a life high point.

I started singing the birthday song and my mom and dad reluctantly joined in. They sounded miserable and I saw in their concerned faces all hopes for marrying off their oldest daughter and any possible grandchildren floating out the window. They lasted less than one verse, the party poopers.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Million Little "I'm Sorrys"

Oh man, I apologize for the radio silence, guys.

Would posting a picture of myself riding the handicapped cart at Target with a shark-themed bike helmet buy me some sympathy?

Minutes after that picture was taken, my sister Kerry attempted to ride on the back of it and we almost knocked over a display of coffee makers.  I think the good people at Target are rooting for my hip and back to get better, too.

Let's see.  I am still living at my parents' house and I'm still gimpy.  Two days ago at the physiatrist's office, he injected steroids and a pain killer into my hip muscle.  I have so much in common with The Situation now.  By the way, a physiatrist is a doctor who specializes in rehab, not a psychiatrist for people with hypochondria.  I know, I googled it.  Anyway, let's hope the shot, which was administered through a five-inch needle, will do the trick.

If anyone is counting, I have been here for 16 weeks.  Wheeeeeee!!!

I've returned to blogging on a very exciting day.  It is Cooper's 8th birthday!!!


Yes, my dog is a cross dresser.  Please don't judge.

Coop received this text picture from my beautiful goddaughter Jamie's dog this morning.

Do we know how to celebrate or what??