Monday, January 9, 2012

Another Extremely Exciting Bulletin from Bed Rest

I just crutched my way out to the kitchen and got my magic pill and a pop and thumped back into my room.  This counts as my biggest accomplishment in six weeks, and trust me, when my dear sweet mother reads this, she is going to murder me.  She's not too keen on me pushing limits at this point, probably due to the fact that I lack physical grace and might take another nasty little spill and have to live with her for another year or two or three or ten.

Soooo, not too much is new or exciting.  I've been entertaining myself as best I can.  I have people physically force Cooper to jump up into my bed and he reacts by making priceless faces like this one:

Why would he possibly be terrified and disgusted by my touch?  Well, maybe because this is one of my other pastimes.

Oh, my plastic grabbin' stick brings me hours of entertainment.

That's the clicker (or, in non-hillbilly vernacular, the remote control) for the Roku.  Whatever shall I do with it?

That's right, I am so wild and so crazy that I actually put it on the blade of the ceiling fan!!!!!!  It was better than a carnival.  I laughed and laughed and a great time was had by all.

Mean little dog.

Then there's my mom.  She is, of course, living her dream, having an adult child move back home and become completely dependent on her.  When she leaves the house to run errands, she gets a babysitter for me.  This is because I have made a habit of getting up to go to the bathroom and accidentally dropping my crutches, leaving me stranded.  She leaves me helpful little hints about my care, such as this one:

I never would have been able to figure that out on my own.  When I go to rehab, she gets me settled in the car with the seat reclined all the way back and then she covers me with a warm little blankie.

Handi-capable people need love too.

Oh, I just realized I forgot to mention on here that I didn't get the house that I made an offer on five months ago.  There was drama with the bank handling the short sale and they counter offered with a pie in the sky number, so I walked away from it.  It was a major bummer and I was down about it for a couple days but life goes on and Trulia and Redfin are awesome time killers.  If worse comes to worse, I can always buy a bus and start a traveling family band with my sisters and the dog, so I definitely have options.


  1. Why buy a house, your parents whould miss you too much and you are comfortable there!

  2. What's the full reach on that grabber, anyway? I have SO MANY MORE IDEAS FOR YOU.

    (Sorry about the house. Stupid, stupid banks.)

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