Thursday, February 23, 2012

Classy, Like Lassie

My mom and I have been using a great new hair product.  It smells great and leaves your hair soft and shiny.  We're both big fans.  What is this miracle product, you may ask?

That/s right, dog freshener.  We've hit a new low around these parts.  (It really does smell great though!)

My cousin Jack asked me to talk about him in this blog.  He may be an egomaniac, following in a great family tradition.

Jack is great at annoying me.  On Christmas Eve, he regaled me with fifty minute summaries of thirty minute "South Park" episodes while I screamed for mercy, literally a captive audience stuck in bed at a thirty degree angle.  Then he graphically described every scene of every violent video game he's ever come across.  It was true misery and Jack loved every minute of it.

Jack is in the midst of having four surgeries to correct his scoliosis and yesterday was the first one.  He came through it with flying colors.  It was probably a better experience for him than listening to Jack on Christmas Eve was for me.  Eventually, he'll have a metal rod in his spine.  We are both looking forward to attaching magnets to the metal implants in our bodies and going through metal detectors multiple times together.

 I do love the little weirdo and if you guys could send good wishes his way, I'd appreciate it.

Hopefully he emerges from this with better taste in TV shows and video games.  One can only hope.


  1. Get well soon, Jack! (and have some Cheesy Poofs!)

  2. Yeah, maybe a milkbone or two might be a nice recovery gift from good ole cousin Taryn!

  3. You forgot to mention that he has always loved me more than you, and that you seethe with jealousy.

    Love you, Jack!

  4. And hopefully not anal probes.. (that's the only South Park episode I know). Feel better peoples!

  5. I'm sure he'll enjoy reading that, Riley. He is a weird little thirteen year old.

  6. I'm hoping that this brain surgery straightened all that out. OBVIOUSLY he was a little off when he made that proclamation.