Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Funky Monkee

I just read that Davy Jones has died.  How depressing is that?  I love the Monkees.  In 2008, we went on a cruise and who was the entertainment but Micky Dolenz.

That's him and his sister, Coco.  The show was great.  The next morning, my dad ran into him at breakfast and tried to talk to him and Micky kind of blew him off.  My dad was very upset that a Monkee was not thrilled to meet him, the infamous Jack Wright.  That story illustrates my dad's personality very well.

But anyway, RIP Davy.

Good news: Saw the surgeon today and the incredible increase in pain I've experienced is normal and the result of severe hip inflammation, not me tearing something new.

Bad news:  It sets my recovery back further and I again have at least two weeks of being housebound and down.  And NO COOKING!  I'm hoping my darling sister steps up and follows our menu plan but we shall see.

I know it's boring reading hip updates but trust me, there is very little out there about this surgery so I want to make sure that people who google GLUTEUS MEDIUS TENDON TEAR REPAIR find this blog and email me so I can let them know what's in store for them.

Oh boy would they be in for a treat.


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