Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just Like Romeo and Juliet

Last year, my dad waxed poetic on how lucky he was to have found my mom.

"I was 30 years old, Tare, and let me tell you, the pickings were slim. I can't believe I met someone so normal."

Thanks, Dad!  Love, your 33 year old single daughter.

Anyway, their love story is an interesting one.  My dad loves to talk about how much he loves my mom, how beautiful she is and how lucky we all are to have her.  He'll interrupt a conversation at dinner to admire my mom's profile.  He's smitten.  This makes him the perfect straight man.

One day, he asked my mom when she knew she was in love with him.  "Hmmm.  Right after Annie was born."

When Dad went on and on and on about how happy he was to be celebrating their 34th anniversary, my mom responded by saying that if she had murdered him, they would've released her by now.

It's all very romantic and inspiring, let me tell you.  It's like living a real life version of "The Notebook."

Yesterday, my dad presented my mom with this homemade Valentine.

My mom asked him where he was hiding the chocolate.


  1. hahahaha awhhh this is too cute.

  2. They are such a sweet couple!
    BTW, I love your blog!!!

  3. Thanks, Patty! They're crazy but I'm fond of them :)