Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Proof That I Fail at Life: Pinterest

For the past month or so, I've been obsessed with Pinterest.  By browsing through this never ending catalog, I've managed to mentally organize every future house I will ever own.  My imaginary children live in gorgeous rooms and have intricate treehouses in our perfectly manicured pretend yard.  I have art projects planned for these children from birth to their teen years.  And I know how to store these projects.  Or laminate them.  No biggie, I'm set.  

Every party I will ever throw is planned, from decorations to appetizers to favors to games to desserts.  Oh, and invitations because for the ladies and gentlemen of Pinterest, Facebook events just doesn't do it.  I know now to present friends turning 40 with a bouquet of lollipops and a card that says "Forty Sucks."  I am a better person all because of Pinterest.


Pinterest has shown me how much I stink at life.  I do pretty well with the organization section.  Nobody labels a box better than me.  Cooking?  Mostly I have that covered.  When I get to the section where people take pictures of their outfits and accessories, though... 

Just to give you guys a visual, I've prepared two pins of outfits I wore last week.

Compare that to a random pin I found.  

Yikes.  I have a long way to go to get to that level of pulling-myself-together-itude.

In my defense, the only time I get out these days is for rehab, but still.  This has been going on since high school where I would wear pajama bottoms to school almost daily.  In college, one of my dorm neighbors threatened to burn the plastic shoes I had purchased at Walgreens and wore almost daily.  This lack of fashion sense is not a new thing.

I'm going to work on it.  I'll keep you guys posted.  Maybe as I start learning to furnish and accessorize my house, I'll figure out how to spruce myself up too.  I don't think it could get much worse.

Oh, but the pet section of Pinterest always makes me feel better.

Um, except I call Cooper forty times before he even turns his head in my direction.  

Curse you, Pinterest!  You're ruining my self-esteem!


  1. Bring back the granulated beef jerky. Cooper would surely pay attention to then (when he isn't having a panic attack.)

  2. Pinterest also makes me feel like my life is terrible. I want a big house with a gorgeous garden, great hair, kickin outfits...and yet I don't have those things. I have a great life though, and I can't let Pinterest keep me down. Keep your chin up and remember that at least our lives are real!

  3. So true, Colleen. And it teaches us how to make S'mores bars, so I'll let it off the hook :)

  4. Nothing will ever measure up to that granulated beef jerky, Riley Dean.