Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Facebooking the Facts

Last night, I checked off a 21st century right of passage.

My mom joined Facebook.

Now, for most young(ish) adults, this would be cause for a little concern.  Nobody wants their parents gettin' up in their business, no matter how old they may be.  Since I unfortunately am living right under her obsessive compulsive little nose, this isn't really a concern.

I SHOULD be worried about these pictures of my mother that I've posted on Facebook through the years.

Luckily, my mom is insane and gave me permission to post them on Facebook, so I don't think I'm going to get grounded.

At least I hope not.

My mom claims she joined so she could join Pinterest.  I knew I could convince her to hop on that bandwagon.  My friend Aaron (who is equally crazy but ridiculously handsome) (happy birthday for the rest of your life, Aaron) always suggests that I give my mom Home Depot gift certificates because she is a handy lady for sure.  All I had to do to get her on Pinterest was a casual "Hey Mom, look at this refurbished tin covered dishwasher! I bet you could learn to weld and do that yourself over the weekend."

There are bound to be some ER visits in our future.

The good news is that my mother doesn't know how to operate a scanner so I think I'm safe from a counter strike.  

On a side note, I am her only friend on Facebook.  She didn't friend my two sisters or her 723,456,129,334 nieces and nephews or her sisters-in-law or any of her friends.  I think we all know what that tells us.

I'm STILL her favorite.


  1. My mom is on FB soley to keep tabs on us which frequently results in snarky texts (another innovation I'm sorry she learned!) like "Don't embarass your children!!" Have threatened frequently to un-friend or block her. Wonder if she'd notice?

  2. You did get grounded - by a hip injury. Wah wah waaaaah. You're braver than I in friending your mom. I told my dad I never would friend him. It got more complicated now that R's da sent me a request.

  3. I'm not sure why, but now I kind of want a tin-covered dishwasher, too.

  4. That is complicated. Luckily I'm an expert at pushing Marsie's buttons so she knows what to expect.

  5. Haha, poor Colleen. I hope my mom doesn't start reminding me to preserve poor Cooper's dignity.