Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Good Friday

Today I changed my Facebook banner timeline picture thingamajig to this.

My darling cousin Missy and me on a hike while visiting our aunt in Colorado in 1982 or 1983.  Adorable, right?

Immediately, my sister Evil Annie, the one that everyone thinks is so wonderful and so sweet and perfect, posted this.

SO MEAN!  And check out her mocking little thumbnail pic.  You can just tell she spends hours staring at herself in the mirror and admiring her intact muscle system, the bitch.

EDITED TO ADD:  Just a reminder of how ladylike my sister has always been.  Please compare this photo, which has been edited to save her "dignity," to my dainty pose.

I also got an incredible gift in the mail today from my dear imaginary Internet friend, Patty.  How perfect is this?

I LOVE it!  It's just the classiest thing I've ever seen and it fits my new decor perfectly.  I know that when I move in 404 hours, that'll be the very first thing I hang up.  Thank you, Patty!  I wish you were my sister instead of Awful Annie.

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  1. YES! that picture of Annie is hilarious