Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Movin' on Up

After 462 days of living with my mom and dad, I have FINALLY moved out!!!

This is my pretty house. It's almost 100 years old and it's a wood frame house, which everyone knows makes excellent financial sense.

I really love it, although it still feels like I'm house sitting along with all my stuff.

Coopie is adjusting well. He is currently sleeping on my bed, something he stubbornly refused to do for our entire duration at my parents' place. I think he senses that I'm holding the reins again so he needs to at least pretend to like me.

Oh, and of course my dear sister Kerry moved in with me.

She has already tumbled out of a second story widow, stopping herself from rolling off the roof only when she hit the gutter. Don't even ask.

I got put back on crutches the week before the move, so my family ended up having to do most of the work. If you want to feel like a bum, have someone unpack your kitchen for you. I'm going to be kissing butts for a long time after this week. Big thanks to my mom and dad, Annie and Kerry, Aunt Jen, Beautiful Goddaughter Jamie and her lesser twin brother Johnny. I owe you guys.

Things are looking up, and hopefully I'm not only talking about my monthly expenses.


  1. When's the party?

  2. Remember, me and the cats are coming to visit. :)