Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ups and Downs

Up: I can feel my hip getting stronger and stronger every day and I am walking like a champ.  Seriously, I may be the greatest walker that the world has ever known (or it could be just a side effect of finally being able to ditch the crutches for 90% of the time after a year of lugging those things around).

Down:  Still really ridiculously painful.  This is normal.  Helpful hint: never injure soft tissue in your hip area.

Up:  Saw the surgeon yesterday and he is super happy with how the hip looks.  I can go back to rehab, yay, and I don't even have to go back to see him for another two months.  

Down:  I didn't get cleared to go to my dear friends' wedding in Tampa next month :(  I am so sad to miss it, and it gets added to a long long list of stuff I've had to miss due to this stupid hip.

Up:  Haven't gained any weight.

Down:  Haven't lost any either.  This will change hopefully soon now that I can add a little bit of activity to my life.

Up:  I can drive now!

Down:  Since I can only sit for a limited amount of time still, my destinations are pretty limited.

Big Up:  The big move is only 430 hours away!!!

Down:  That's still a long time to wait to cook this on my own personal stove.

Up:  My mom still makes me laugh on an hourly basis.

Down:  She still has some peculiar issues.  This is Example 438.


Yes, she is afraid that sushi will give her nightmares.  (And yes, I did secretly record that and that's illegal.  I'm hoping she presses charges because at least going through the criminal justice system will be a nice change of pace from the monotony of my daily life).  


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