Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Biting the Bully

Apparently I horrified all of you with pictures of Cooper's birthday extravaganza the other day.  Sorry about that.  At least I didn't post pictures of the bloody injury pre-ER repair like my sister Kerry did, much to the dismay of her friends and my dog's reputation.  

Seriously, could this face possibly be guilty in this scuffle?  Come on.

Kerry is the type of person who only learns a lesson the hard way.  She takes an odd delight in messing with animals.  Since I brought Cooper home eight years ago, she's laughed and laughed at the way he growls when she pretends to eat out of his food dish.  She also likes to bite down lightly on his lip.  Yes, you read that right.  The only shocking thing about the situation is that it was the first time she's been bit by an animal.

Poor Kerry learned not to mess with animals and food.  She had to go out and meet her new girlfriend's friends on Saturday night with five stitches in her lip.  It's healing really well, though, and the stitches come out tomorrow.  It doesn't even look like she's going to have a scar.  I'm happy about that because you just know she'd use that to get me to bend to her will.

Cooper won't be attending family parties for a while.  He's never shown any sign of aggression towards people before but this incident makes me nervous.  Maybe he's getting to a crotchety age where he's a little more sensitive.  He did start on Glucosamine this week.  Ahh, the joys of being 63 in dog years.

We were leaving the ER on Saturday when Annie texted me.  Kerry had sent her pictures of the cake right before the big bite happened.  I read the text out loud to Kerry and she's the one who came up with this reply.  

Originally I was going to post my recipe for dog cake.  I was proud of coming up with making four mini loaves and arranging them in the shape of a bone.  However, on Saturday night, hours after the big Birthday Biting, I stepped in a large puddle of dog vomit that smelled exactly like the cake.  I don't know if it was stress or my baking, but either way, I'm not sure you want to replicate this experience for your animals' birthdays in the future.  


  1. The whole thing delights me to no end! But, I'm glad to hear there will be no scar.

  2. Nope. Had to be another dog.