Monday, July 2, 2012

Dog Days of Thunder

Here's one thing they don't tell you about suburban living: Independence Day apparently starts the last week of June and extends far into the month of July.  My neighborhood sounds like a war zone.  There's a wooded park behind me and explosions are heard at all hours of the day and night.  This would be fine by me if not for my poor mentally ill little pooch.  

In the past, we got through the 4th of July with Benadryl, the Thundershirt, soothing music played loudly in the background, windows tightly closed and the air conditioning blasting.  This year, it's already so much worse than it's ever been before, and Coop's vet prescribed him some tranquilizers.

The pills work great but they do turn my puppy into a slobbering zombie who stumbles going up the stairs.  I also feel like I have to stay here with him when he's on them, as honestly I can see him falling while drunk, just like his owner.

So I have a lot of time on my hands.  I decided to show you guys the hard work my lovely sister and roommate, Kerry, has done in our yard.

Here's the creek.  Doesn't it look inviting?  Come on over and have a swim, especially if you're a superhero who requires a toxic bath to maintain your super powers!

And here's the fence my dad built with his 50 year old friend who calls him "Dad."  (There are no words, really.  This is just the type of weird stuff that happens to my family.

Now the front yard.

And my favorite housewarming gift from Patty.

Remember when I wanted to grow a garden so so bad?  We have tomatoes, or maybe peppers, growing on our driveway.

Yay for mystery fruit or vegetables!

I am not sure why these pictures look kind of hazy.  It is VERY hot here so I will blame it on that.

My ADD is out of control today so coming up with a good segue is really hard.  Here is my darling cousin with President Obama.

He doesn't know that she sends supernaturally threatening letters in the mail.  He also doesn't know that we went to see "Magic Mike" last weekend and are extremely impressed with Channing Tatum's ass, er, acting.  

That's about all I've got for today.  Stay tuned for a special schmaltzy post tomorrow because I am FINALLY graduating from rehab!!!!  

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  1. Poor Coopie!! Lucky he's not here in Indiana where we have a Krazy Kaplan's on every corner. My poor Patches only comes out from under the bed to eat, and when doing that, she slithers in close to the ground.