Friday, August 10, 2012

Mea Maxima Culpa

I have been a really terrible blogger and for that I am sorry.  You have no idea how sorry as I have to hear from my mom and my darling aunt several times a week how disappointed they are when they get out their boards and surf the internets and find my blog empty yet again.

Kerry and Cooper are starting to look alike.  This is probably because Cooper now insists on sleeping with Kerry and follows her through the house, staring at her with unwavering devotion, a look he normally reserves for Annie.  He still mostly just ignores me.  I am trying not to take it personally but if you're reading this, Cooper, remember who buys your food, you jerk.

Let's see.  The deck is still torn down because we got pinched for not getting a building permit.  Since they were just going to replace the floor of the deck, I had no idea that would be needed.  Welcome to the suburbs, Taryn.  This is what it looks like now.

That makes for a lovely party setting.  Very post-Apocalyptic.

In hip news, things are actually finally going much better!!  I have a few more weeks of crutches, but the rehab I've been doing on my own seems to be helping a lot.  If you ever want to feel like you're an extra on the set of the movie "Cocoon," you should add walking in water to your fitness routine.  Everyone else who does this is in their mid to late 80s.  The bonus is that I've been asked three times where I go to college.  Anyway, I do that and use a stationary bike (30 minutes) and am slowwwwly adding walking on an elliptical machine and a treadmill to the routine.  Remember when I started out right after my surgery going .5 mph on the treadmill?  I am now up to 3 mps, not holding on, for ten minutes.  Progress, yay!

Remember how I always announce I'm losing weight again and then stop updating you guys?  Yeah, me too. That's why I'm kind of reluctant to tell you I just finished my first month of Weight Watchers.  Down about ten pounds and I'm at only two Diet Cokes a day.  I'm feeling pretty good about it so far.  Mostly I just want to concentrate on getting my hip back into tip top shape, but losing weight is a nice bonus too.

Oh, if you're not reading the blog I've been writing exposing internet hoaxers, check it out here.  It will make you start to hate the internet.